Asphodelia is a dark symphonic metal act founded in 2016 in Foggia, Italy, by Samuela ‘Samah’ Fuiani (vocals and keyboards) and Ruggero ‘Lordian’ Doronzo (guitar), and currently including Davide Ricciardi (bass), Giuseppe Centonza (drums) and Carlo Di Pinto (guitar). Their sound blends symphonic and choral sonorities, electronics and Mediterranean echoes into a solid metal frame with a strongly dark mood. Their lyrics are usually centered on the theme of the afterlife, on the life and death dichotomy, the fleetingness of time and the misery of the human condition.
The band is named after the asphodel, typical Mediterranean flower
connected to the ancient Greek Underworld: in the ancient Greek
mythology, the Asphodel Meadows is a place where the indifferent
souls, who lived a life of neither good or evil, are sent to live after


19 Mar 2020


6:30 pm


TICKETS: £10 (+bf)